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Shower Wall mount brackets - FREE SHIPPING

Shower Wall mount brackets - FREE SHIPPING

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The solution to mounting an “Outlaw” shower enclosure in your Stacker, extra height trailer or round ceiling trailer.

Integrated slots for clothes hangers.

For both 16” or 24” On Center studs.

Integrated No-Drop clothes hanger slots

Also make installing a rinse shower in your shop an option!

Available in textured light-gray powder coat to match and compliment any interior color.


Just choose your mounting height to the top of the shower, measure 5” down, place a level on that mark and mark the location over your trailer wall studs. Predrilling will make your life easier!

Locate the appropriate top mounting holes over the marks and install an included Self-Tapping screw. Repeat for the rest, leave loose until the upper shower shell is installed with the included hardware.

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