“Blackfish Fabrication” was founded after selling a mind-numbing business that drained me of my energy and desire to create. The goal here is to bring value back to the generically used and often abused definition of “American made.” Most of us still want to be proud of seeing it stamped on our products, but the phrase quickly became synonymous with “overpriced” and “cheaply made.”

My name is Cody, and I'm the owner here at Blackfish. Like many of you, I see a huge void between sleeping in a tent and signing my life away on a 6-digit Toy hauler that is too heavy to actually be able to take anywhere you’d actually want to spend the night. So I'm bringing lightweight, functional products to expand the use of the light, relatively inexpensive enclosed cargo trailers. I want to be able to live in mine for a week, then close it all up and still have an actual cargo trailer that can haul multiple vehicles or even serve as a work trailer for the jobsite.

I intend to continue development with direct input from you, the consumer. Your input will mold these products into something straight-forward and simple. Or it will deem them unworthy and they will fade away as they should.

Have an idea or a need for something that doesn't exist? Catch yourself having one of those “Why doesn't this exist?” moments? I'm all ears. Get in touch and we'll make it happen.

You may notice that my products are all over the map. That’s because my mind is as well. Blame it on my ADHD.

Now lets make some cool stuff!