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Saddle Gusset - FREE SHIPPING

Saddle Gusset - FREE SHIPPING

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Also called "Taco Gussets" these are the lightest, strongest way to beef up a weld node/junction. 

 Heres the kicker: Usually these are only available individually for around $12-$15 each for a 3x3 Saddle Gusset that is generically cut for 45 and 90 degree intersections.... Those really arent even angles that exist! 

These 12 guage lengths are 3.5" tall and 58" long. They are approx 1.5" wide and can be used on 1.5-1.75 tubing, even up to 2.00" in some cases.

Draw your pattern right on the part and quickly and easily cut and shape them for a precise fit. 

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