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Ready Rope Quick-Release Recovery Rope Holder - FREE SHIPPING

Ready Rope Quick-Release Recovery Rope Holder - FREE SHIPPING

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Why doesn’t this already exist? Kinetic ropes are expensive!

Fold your rope in half first, and holding by the two eyes. Continue to fold up your recovery rope in halves to the approximate size youd like it to be on your cage. Attach the Ready Rope lightly to your cage, openings facing away from each other, with the pull pin in the most ideal place of your choosing. I prefer the pull pin at the top, so when it opens it actually drops the rope off of the lower mount at the same time. Install the rope onto the Ready Rope, then adjust it out so the rope is just tight enough to not fall off. If its too tight it will be more difficult to reinstall when conditions are less ideal, like in the dark, raining, horny Sasquatch hot on your tail… you get the idea.

When set up correctly, it will be faster to use than even a bag or sack. Can even leave one end already attached to your pull point with no fears of it ending up dragging behind you through the muck.

2 Versions available, please see pics and consider your options for optimal mounting location

Tube Protector sleeves included.

Hose clamps included.

Powdercoated Evo Black with tumbled aluminum handles.

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