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"Outlaw" Collapsible Rinse/Shower Enclosure - FREE SHIPPING

"Outlaw" Collapsible Rinse/Shower Enclosure - FREE SHIPPING

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The game changer for long stays in remote areas! Self-contained aluminum enclosure simply screws to the ceiling studs of trailers with flat ceilings of trailers up to 84”/7 foot. The limiter on this is due to actually being able to reach it.

Have a stacker, a rounded ceiling or an extra-height trailer? Or simply don’t want to attach it to your ceiling for one reason or another? Check out the Shower Enclosure Wall Mounts in Products.

Whats included:

Upper/lower shells

18” of 1/2" drain hose

Two 90 degree elbows

cap for unused drain

Custom shower curtain & adjustable hanging cords

Storage net(these hold your soaps, shampoos, etc as well as the curtain itself during transportation!)

Shower head/soap holder

(4) hex head self-tapping mounting screws

Available in textured light-gray powder coat to match and compliment any interior color.


Please see additional information page for more details, as well as the Social Media pages for videos!



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