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Collapsible Trailer Benches - FREE SHIPPING

Collapsible Trailer Benches - FREE SHIPPING

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A place to sit in a trailer is an often overlooked luxury. When closed up, they occupy less than 2.00” of air space against the wall. Simply lift up until the bench top drops into its slots, then pull away from the wall and the leg will automatically deploy. Self retaining when closed, no additional straps, hooks or snaps needed. The low-mount design means they dont cover up any windows when upright.

Two versions available: “Parallel”- A 36” wide version that protrudes from the wall 20” a “Peninsula”- a long, skinny version that is 12” wide and protrudes out from the wall 36”

The “Peninsula” version is also what is used in conjunction with the Trailer Table to make a Dinette set. If interested in a Dinette set, see Dinette Combo in the products for a discounted price.

Mounting hardware included.

Mount to studs within trailer wall, or thick interior wall plywood.


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