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3pc Dinette Set - FREE SHIPPING

3pc Dinette Set - FREE SHIPPING

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One Trailer Table and Two Peninsula Benches!

Now available in raw as the default, with powder coating available. Expect to add approx 2-3 weeks wait time to the order for powder coat.


Powder coat saves me the time of not having to manually remove sharp edges, so the price isnt drastic between the two. 

You can also expect small scratches, etc with the raw tables and benches. Aluminum dulls and normalizes after a few weeks and all scratches will fade and become not so obvious.



A place to sit in a trailer is an often overlooked luxury. When closed up, they occupy less than 2.00” of air space against the wall. Simply lift up until the bench top drops into its slots, then pull away from the wall and the leg will automatically deploy. Self retaining when closed, no additional straps, hooks or snaps needed. The low-mount design means they dont cover up any windows when upright. 


Options! Imagine being able to quickly and easily grab your wall-mounted table…and move it outside so you dont miss any of the campfire action while cooking!

Unlike the benches, which are captured in their wall-mount brackets, the table just pops off its hanger then drops into the lower slots for interior use. Pull the table off the wall, locate the exterior latch pin stored on the inside of the table, thread it into the outside of the table and drop it in the keyed slot bracket mounted to the outside of your trailer.

Exterior Key-slot bracket can be glued to trailer’s exterior with attached 3M adhesive tape and/or screwed in place(into a wall stud ONLY!) with included hardware.

These brackets will ALSO be sold separately for multiple, unlimited locations both inside and outside of your trailer!

Table dimensions are 38x18, sit 32” high and weigh 17lbs.

To install:

Each table comes with two wall mount brackets. Inside trailer, measure up off the floor 32.5” and mark the wall on the studs(I use blue tape to avoid marking the wall"), align the lower screw holes here. Predrill with 1/8” bit, attach the first bracket to the wall studs(or thick plywood walls).

 Now close up the table and hold it flat to the wall, and while resting on the floor or the wheelwell, wherever you happen to be locating them, slip the second mount in behind the table and push it up against the rod.  Mark or tape in place, remove the table and attach. Keep in mind you can also hang the table anywhere you wish, then set it up in your desired eating location.

Exterior mount: Keeping table width in mind, set up and position the trailer as you would have it the majority of the time you’ll be using it. Clean the trailer with soap and then alcohol. Measure off the ground 32”. Mark the location, peel off the backing tape and position the BOTTOM OF THE CENTER SLOT over the mark(see picture below). Allow 24 hours to fully set. If youre planning to put more than 40-50 pounds on the table, use the tape in conjunction with the screws into a wall stud.

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